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The Gas 365 Boiler Service Checklist

  • Visual inspection of appliance
  • Inspect/ clean flue internally & externally
  • Clean heat exchanger, burner & pilot & check/replace seals
  • Clean condensate trap ( if applicable)
  • Recharge expansion vessel ( if applicable)
  • Check gas rate & working pressure
  • Carry out Flue gas test & flue performance tests
  • Check/test safety devices

All Boiler Systems Covered

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Radiators Not Heating ?. If they heat only at the bottom then they have air in them , if they heat at the top but not at the bottom then they have sludge in them & need flushing out .
  • Single Radiators Not Getting Hot?  This would be due to a faulty thermostatic radiator valve. Or could be due to an airlock in the pipework.
  • Pilot Light Keeps Going Out.  If the pilot light keeps going out its more than likely an issue with the thermocouple. On more modern boilers if it keeps locking out it could be down to a rectification issue caused by worn ignition electrodes.
  • My Radiators Heat Up When In Hot Water Mode Only?   Likely cause is a faulty diverter valve.


  • My Boiler Constantly Loses Pressure?  Could be down to a water leak in the system but predominantly the issue lies with the expansion vessel or Pressure relief valve passing.
  • Boiler locking out or making loud rumbling noises?  May be due to a frozen condensate pipe ( if ran externally) or a blocked condensate trap in the boiler causing water to back up into the boiler & shut it down.
  • Loud Banging Noises From Boiler  Would more than likely be down to a build up of sludge/debri in the heat exchanger, causing the boiler to kettle or overheat.
  • My Hot Water Temperatures Fluctuates From My Combi Boiler?  This is normally due to a build up of sludge or scale in the plate heat exchanger.

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  • Emergency Gas Boiler Engineer In Cambridge

    Are you looking for an Emergency gas boiler engineer in Cambridge? Gas 365 offer a 24/7 call out service for all residential and tenancy occupied properties in Cambridge and 10 miles from City Centre.

  • Getting Expert Help

    Take a look at the list below.  Do you have a problem similar to this? If so, simply complete your email address details opposite to access your emergency call back.

  • The Emergency Boiler Fault Checklist

    Low Boiler Pressure

    A leaking Boiler

    A Boiler Not Igniting

    No Hot Water

    The Central Heating Not Working

    The Boiler Making a Banging Noise

Emergency Help

For an immediate callback to speak with a gas boiler engineer please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Life saver! I live on my own, I had no heating, no hot water and it was Sunday! I did a quick search and found this company gas 365. The engineer was here in less than 45 minutes and straight away Nick knew exactly what the problem was.  He had the system working in less than one hour and was superb value too. I would highly recommend them.

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson Cambridge Resident

I needed an emergency engineer on a Saturday evening in December.  It was very cold! Found Gas 365 - Nick came out within the hour.  He managed to get the system working despite the fact the boiler was in bad shape!  The property is rented, it took the letting company 3 -4 days to get a day time engineer out, Nick was superb.  I would definitely recommend Gas 365.

Brett Matthews Cambridge Resident

Gas 365 are a breath of fresh air!  Ive used other emergency gas boiler engineers and apart from the fact they treat you like they're doing you a favour they basically don't care! Thats until I tried Gas 365.  Fast, online, kept me informed, what more can I say? Brilliant ! I have recommended to my friends who also found them very professional and helpful .

Laura From Cambridge area

If you need an emergency Gas boiler engineer these guys are superb.  Called them having seen their advert online, they  do exactly what they say.  24 hour call out 7 days per week.  They were quick, cheap, and very professional. Nice one!

Dave B Histon Cambridge